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Metaline Wall

Metaline Wall

Metaline Wall illustrates the perfect marriage between bright metal effects and a sophisticated colour palette. The spectacular new size 45x120 cm interact with the space thanks to precision textural details and the refined background of nuances.

Italgraniti research expresses the unequivocal congruity between the decorative threedimensional designs and metal-effect surfaces. Sculpture-like designs and optical effects, the fruit of prolonged studies exploring aesthetics, come together to create an industrial-chic style, a mood that enhances the uniqueness of spaces.

Metaline Wall textured surfaces are designed to guarantee maximum installation flexibility. The 45x120 cm modules, horizontal or vertical, reflect the dynamic ever-changing quality of light to create intriguing, original moods.

Volume, elegance and character are enhanced by the large 45x120 cm size, ideal for small spaces too. All Metaline Wall surfaces, backgrounds and three-dimensional textures are designed to cover entire wall areas, overcoming installation limits and restrictions.






  • Steel

  • Iron

  • Plate

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