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Research and Development

Research and Developement

Italgraniti Group has always been a benchmark for innovation in reference to a higher quality of product and service.

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Important and constant investments in research and highly specialised staff, have consolidated a reality able to offer a complete range of products that anticipate and define market trends
Italgraniti’s technological evolution is an unstoppable force, defining more and more exclusive products.

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Exclusive Surfaces

The depth of Italgraniti’s ceramic culture is expressed through a range of unique processes, which create natural and silky effects, looks that resemble time-worn stones, and glossy and mirror surfaces. We offer an infinite range of possible solutions: from the revolutionary mega slabs up to an incredible 160x320 cm in size, to the monolithic surfaces 20 mm thick, designed for all outdoor spaces.


ITALGRANITI GROUP is committed to do its part to protect our environmental resources: all production and industrial decisions are made in full compliance with the criteria for an ecologically sustainable system.

This commitment has been internationally recognized thanks to all the certifications achieved by Italgraniti Group that confirm the company’s compliance with the standards.

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LEED Certification

LEED is a voluntary certification system for the design, construction and operation of high-performance sustainable buildings; it promotes an integrated design system that covers the whole building.
It has been developed by the U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (USGBC), an association that provides a global approach to sustainability by rewarding virtuous practice in key areas of human and environmental health.

Certifications download

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CCC certification

CCC (Compulsory Certification of Decorative Product and Product Fit - Porcelain Tiles), is a certification (especially for chinese market) that declares the low radioactivity in the materials that is mainly due to the presence of zirconium sylicate among the raw materials.

Certifications download

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QB UPEC Certification

QB UPEC certification is a French quality certification obtained from first-class products on the basis of the tests required by European standard EN 14411 and by CSTB technical specifications (CSTB tightens the parameters of standard EN 14411).
Italgraniti Group products certified by QB UPEC are declared on the dedicated website.


The Division

“We conceive and create solutions to meet a wide range of design requirements for coverings for any type of surface. We offer the market: innovation combined with exceptional product and service quality.”
These are the main goals of our management.

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Project Department

Italgraniti’s Project Department is the division which also deals with External cladding systems with ventilated façades and raised floors. The staff is able to manage and assist in project design and their implementation to ensure full satisfaction of the final customer’s requirements.

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The Team

Italgraniti Group's work team is constantly engaged in research and technical support to stimulate and inspire the needs of those who design spaces marked by beauty, elegance and technology, without ever neglecting the high technical performance of the proposed material.