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Slabs bonded on over‑coat

Italgraniti Group, proposes an innovative system of external glued façade where the EPS insulation is already coupled to the 60x120 cm size stoneware slabs.
This pre-coupling makes it possible to create a glued facade with extreme simplicity and speed, combining all the benefits of an external EPS coat with the unique characteristics of porcelain stoneware.
This system can be used with all Italgraniti slabs in the 60x120 cm format.



Overcoat insulation means that the heating system operates for the smallest number of hours in total, saving fuel and reducing polluting emissions. A sure advantage of external insulation is the total and final elimination of thermal bridges, i.e. critical points (perimeter of windows, corners, pillars inserted in the masonry, etc.) where it is easier for mould and stains to form. It is ideal both for new building and when renovation work is required on the façades of the building, as by placing the structure in thermal balance it avoids physical stresses and prevents the formation of thermal bridges.


Safety without compromise

When an over-coated insulation system is advisable on a façade:

  • when the H.V.A.C. design guarantees real benefits in terms of domestic comfort and energy savings;
  • when thermal bridges cause mould and condensation and parts of your home are much colder than others; 
  • when you have modern windows and doors with thermal break but your home is hot in the summer and cold in winter; 
  • when there is enough room to increase the volume of the façade with insulating material and wall tiling.

The Project Department team will be able to direct you to the most suitable system for your specific need.
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