According to ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), the Italian Association for Industrial Design, Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano's installation is among the top five at the exhibition.


Now in its third edition, the ADI Booth Design Award recognises booths that best communicate the identity and value of a company's products. The commission formed by Cecilia Bione (Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna), Pierluigi Molteni (architect and lecturer in Advanced Design) and Wladimiro Bendandi (ADI Emilia-Romagna) gave the following reasons for the prize awarded to Italgraniti:

The exhibition space evokes the spatiality of a village, where the archetypes of conventional architecture become "display devices" that accompany the visitor in the discovery of the products exhibited in calm settings. The pure forms used, as well as the textural monochromy, make the project refined and elegant, translating the urban concept beyond any stereotype, into a declination rich in possibilities for product narration and localisation.


Urban concept beyond the stereotype

Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano were supported by Elisa Giacobazzi - CEO of Italgraniti Group - in this new path for the company. The space they designed was conceived as "an ideal place of urban collectivity". The most recent collections (including the new Origins and Essence) were housed in archetypal buildings around a central square, developed as a space for socialising. Visitors were able to appreciate the many possible declinations of porcelain stoneware through new aesthetics, also the result of the innovative RealUp® technology, in a constant dialogue between indoors and outdoors and between urban and domestic.

The ADI Booth Design Award offers the Italgraniti booth an additional opportunity for visibility as it nominates it for pre-selection for the 2023 edition of the ADI Design Index, an annual review of the best Italian design.


The new collections:
unprecedented textural richness.

Origins and Essence come from an innovative production technology that takes ceramic surfaces to a higher level of realism. Thanks to RealUp®, the unprecedented synergy of high-definition graphics and microstructure gives porcelain stoneware an unprecedented material richness.

Origins Origins draws mineral strength and ancestral charm from quartzite, which it interprets in a contemporary key by balancing its graphic texture and preserving its natural shade variability.
Essence Essence expresses the original character of oak, the wood species most widely used in interior design. With four colours, two thicknesses and the possibility of creating chevron installations, the collection offers architects and designers hyper-realistic, high-performance wood-effect surfaces.


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