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Italgraniti Group is a B Corp!

Società Benefit (Benefit Corporation in the US) since the beginning of this year, the Group founded and led by the Giacobazzi family enters the small number of Italian B Corporations today.

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 ITALGRANITI GROUP has successfully completed the process required to obtain B Corp certification, awarded by B Lab, a US nonprofit organisation that since 2006 has been quantifying a company's environmental and social performance with the same rigour as its economic results. 

 A family company since 1975, ITALGRANITI GROUP has long pursued strategies that combine innovation and sustainability, aiming to increase the positive impact on people, the territory and the environment by acting responsibly, sustainably and transparently.

 Strengthened by this approach, the Group has shown to qualify as a B Corp; it thus takes part in the global movement that sees business as a positive force not only for the economy but also for the well-being of people and the planet, and that promotes the transition to an inclusive, fair and regenerative economic model. CB Lab certified companies act according to the highest social and environmental standards: the 80-score threshold required to become a B Corp indicates the break-even point between what a company takes from the environment and society and what it gives back.

 "We are very proud of this achievement," says Elisa Giacobazzi, CEO of the Group. "This certification represents a milestone in the evolutionary journey of ITALGRANITI GROUP. After the change of company statute to a Benefit Corporation, being a B Corp reinforces our conviction that you cannot do business without complementing economic profit with the wellbeing of people and communities and the protection of land and the environment'. 

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