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Open to the public in 2018 in the Brera district, in Statuto street, the showroom testifies to the dynamism of a Group that has been among the protagonists of the ceramic sector for over twenty years, partner of architects and interior designers appreciated all over the world.

Ceramic as a living material

There are two essential elements of the project developed by the architects Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano around the ceramic surfaces of the Group: the first is that of discovery and exploits the large central material library and part of the surrounding space as a large library of sizes, colors, surfaces and textures to be studied and combined freely; the second is that of ceramics as a material to be lived in. Hence the creation of real environments aimed at recreating the interior of a typically Italian classic house.


The italgraniti Group flagship store doubles in size

Italgraniti Group, inaugurates, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022, a new space of over 200 square meters that doubles the current Flagship Store.
In over 400 square meters, developed on two levels, an exhibition dedicated to the new collections designed for the architectural landscape and contemporary interior design comes to life.


New splendour and unexpected material experiences

The new first floor of the company's Milan showroom presents a second material library, able to make the most of the display of products by enclosing some of the latest collections and possible combinations and mixes of materials and shades, a kitchen area, an office, two new bathrooms and a large work area.

New furnitures collection

In the new space of the Flagship Store, some of the new furnishings designed by the art directors Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, the "Quadro" and "Tondo" tables, the vases from the "Rotondo" line and the "Mamut" collection of tables will be presented in an exclusive preview - all developed with the use of the Nuances collection.

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Via Statuto 21
20121 - Milano - Italy

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Tel +39 02 84567687
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10 - 13 / 13.30 - 18.30

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