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The new cogeneration plant of Italgraniti Group is now in operation

The new turbine has a 4.5 MW power and guarantees the electricity provision to the San Martino in Rio (RE) plant.

Combined heat and power generation

Last April, Italgraniti Group completed the installation of a modern high-efficiency cogeneration plant with a nominal power of 4,424 kWh. Starting with natural gas as the sole energy source, the plant enables the combined production of electricity and heat energy, greatly increasing the efficiency of the source fuel and cutting - compared to the separate production of electricity and heat - energy costs and CO₂ emissions.

Energy self-sufficiency

Even before the onset of the energy crisis, which is affecting all industrial sectors on a global scale, Italgraniti Group set sustainable development as one of its strategic objectives, in respect of which energy self-sufficiency is crucial. "The evolutionary path that we have been on for some time now," comments Francesco Maturo, CEO of the Group, "goes in the direction of regenerative change, which is only possible by redirecting all our economic, technological and professional resources towards a business model capable of creating social and environmental benefits in addition to economic value".

Already fully functional, the plant is able to supply electricity 24/7, thus ensuring the self-sufficiency of the entire factory. Should energy production exceed internal demand, the surplus will be fed into the national mains.

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