Technical and aesthetic excellence in ceramics

Italgraniti Group is internationally recognised for the very high technical and aesthetic performance of its Made-in-Italy porcelain stoneware, obtained by selecting and processing top quality raw materials. Our ceramic collections are able to interpret the multiple needs of a worldwide customer base, to whom they offer functional and design responses.

Innovation and technological excellence

Our industrial solutions are the result of almost half a century of experience and research. State-of-the-art equipment, rational and reliable processes enable us to produce ceramic surfaces of the highest quality standards. Constant investments and a far-sighted outlook project Italgraniti Group into the future with a solid, consolidated identity, capable of providing a worldwide market with excellent Made-in-Italy surfaces and design solutions.

La nostra missione

Our mission

At a time when architecture and interior design are in constant evolution, Italgraniti Group has a place among the protagonists of ceramic excellence thanks of its dream: to build the future. A great ceramic culture and a clear mission are among the reasons for our success. For those seeking the greatest freedom of expression - architects, planners and interior designers - but who do not want to renounce technical excellence, we offer innovative and aesthetically impeccable surfaces and complete and coordinated projects: versatile and rich Made-in-Italy collections, capable of interpreting any living space with style.


  • A history of family

    1948, Italy is rebuilt. With courage and determination, the Giacobazzi family founded one of the first ceramic companies.

  • Project Department

    The Project Department is the Italgraniti Group division that deals with managing and assisting the drafting of projects and their implementation to best meet the needs of the end customer.

  • Projects

    We offer architects, designers, interior designers and those seeking the utmost expressive freedom the certainty of coordinated projects and innovative surfaces