Supreme®: the ultra slim revolution

Supreme® slabs, 6 mm thickness, exude timeless beauty. Our porcelain stoneware is designed to express the beauty of mosaics and to embrace the forms of architecture, lending it strength and beauty.


The monumental surfaces reflect polychromatic complexity, visual continuity between slabs and the overall sense of balance. Large slabs best convey the supreme attention to detail and incredible realism.


120x120: coordinated floors

Our projects follow ever-changing aesthetic revolutions. We supplement the 6 mm thick slabs with standard thickness surfaces which, from the 120x120 cm to the 30x60 cm size, complete the architecture of spaces.


Supreme®, The irresistible beauty of the large size

Impronta innovative technology has a natural vocation for large public spaces while remaining in perfect harmony with domestic environments and more intimate spaces. Supreme® expands the expressive possibilities of contemporary architecture without setting limits of intended use, enhancing with its revolutionary beauty even in wellness contexts.