Around the world, we proudly promote materials that best express that Made in Italy aesthetic, style and technical excellence. On the international market, our name is synonymous with porcelain stoneware that offers extremely high technical and aesthetic performance, we transform top quality raw materials into ceramic projects able to interpret the many requirements of a continuously evolving world.



We work towards developing an environmental management system which focuses on safeguarding our planet and people’s health. Our porcelain stoneware contributes towards quality construction through durable products made with natural raw materials which do not release any harmful substances.  We are guided by our social responsibility and base our industrial decisions on a sustainable, efficient and consistent model.

made in Italy

Ceramics of Italy 100% MADE IN ITALY

The prestigious Ceramics of Italy brand of origin only marks products made in Italy, which represent the values belonging to the ceramic industry for decades. We support all those values promoted by the Confindustra Ceramica code of ethics, from 100% Italian production to social and environmental responsibility. 


UNI ISO 9001 2015

UNI ISO 9001 2015 certification is internationally recognised and represents a guarantee of the excellence and quality of the management system. ITALGRANITI GROUP decided of its own accord to undertake this important process, adopting a set of rules, responsibilities and checks to improve the efficiency of processes and customer satisfaction, to boost its competitiveness and maintain compliance with the highest quality standards.

UNI ISO 45001

The health and wellbeing of employees are crucial priorities for ITALGRANITI GROUP. The attainment of UNI ISO 45001 certification strengthens a business culture that sees safety not simply as a question of regulatory compliance, but as an essential part of working processes. Regulation is a necessary tool for generating a new model of sustainable competitiveness that can improve company performance across the board.

ISO 14001

Italgraniti Group conforms with the environmental regulations envisaged by the ISO 14001 certification and by the EMAS certification, obtained more than 10 years ago. The European EMAS (Eco‑Management
and Audit Scheme) certification measures and controls the reduced environmental impact of production sites, through an environmental management system based on strict parameters.



- 100% recycling of waters used
- 100% recycling of unfired and fired waste
- 100% recycling of packaging and pallets
- 90% recycling of waste.


LEED compliant

LEED™ is a voluntary certification system, for the design, construction and management of high performance sustainable buildings; it promotes an integrated design system that concerns the whole building. It is developed by the U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (USGBC), an association which provides a global approach to sustainability, providing recognition for virtuous performance levels in key areas of human and environmental health. The system is based on rating credits for each of the requisites featuring the sustainability of the building. The sum of the credits composes the certification level achieved.

Italgraniti Group is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, an organisation that promotes the culture and practice of sustainable construction in a context that respects the needs of mankind, the collective whole and the environment.


All Italgraniti Group products contain a large percentage of recycled raw materials. This significant characteristic contributes towards obtaining LEED®  and WELL™ credits. 


EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a voluntary certification which highlights the environmental performance levels of a product/process/service to improve its sustainability. Through its EPD declaration, Italgraniti Group notifies its partners, operators and consumers of the efficiency of the sustainability policies undertaken and the data concerning the entire life cycle of its materials. EPD certified products are required by the main international certification systems (LEED®, WELL™, BREEAM®, HQE®, DGNB®, ESTIDAMA etc.) and they are rewarding as part of national regulations for public tenders.


Italgraniti Group has adopted the HPD (Health Product Declarations) collaborative standard to communicate the contents of its materials and the related impact on health in a transparent manner. Thanks to HPD, our products contribute towards obtaining LEED® and WELL™ credits.


BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which was developed in 1990 by BRE Global, is one of the main systems in the world used to measure the environmental and sustainability performance of new and existing buildings. The BREEAM® assessment uses a range of indicators and sustainability criteria to assess the performance levels of a building, covering several environmental topics: energy and water resources, health and wellbeing, pollution, transport, materials, waste, environmental awareness and management processes. All Italgraniti collections contribute towards obtaining BREEAM® credits.


WELL™ Building Standard (WELL™) is the number one rating system for sustainable construction designed to measure, certify and monitor the features of the building, which have an impact on the health and wellbeing of its occupants. WELL™ provides a path to integrate and measure topics of human health and wellbeing in the design, construction and management of buildings. To obtain the WELL™ Building Standard™ certification, the building must undergo a process which includes an on‑site assessment and an inspection of performance levels by a qualified certifier. All Italgraniti collections contribute towards obtaining WELL™ credits.


In April 2016 the Italian Environment Ministry introduced a series of environmental criteria for construction, called CAM Edilizia ‑ Minimum Environmental Criteria for Construction ‑, aimed at facilitating the insertion of eco‑ sustainability requirements in calls for tender of public works. The aim is to stimulate purchases that minimise the use of natural resources and energy consumption levels, which also contribute towards the spread of renewable sources, reducing waste production, polluting emissions into the air, water and soil, and which eradicate environmentally hazardous substances.
Thanks to a sustainable environmental management system, to the EPD certification and in accordance with international standard ISO 14021, Italgraniti contributes towards quality construction with performance levels above the industry average.


To see the list of QB UPEC certified products, visit the web page.

ongreening provides detailed information about the conformity and contribution of Italgraniti Group products to the main building sustainability certification systems (LEED®, BREEAM®, WELL™ and others).