A game of light and shadow, chromium platings and energy which reflect the iconic beauty of metal flooring: this is "Metaline", the new Italgraniti's collection of metal effect porcelain stoneware flooring with a unique and incomparable design.

Metaline is the innovative project inspired by metal surfaces. The Metaline programme is manufactured using three state-of- the-art production technologies: from the revolutionary Mega slabs in sizes up to the incredible 160x320 cm, through to the surfaces designed for outdoor use, with thickness of 20 mm.

The new Italgraniti high-energy porcelain stoneware offers five vibrant effects, conveys all the essence of the genuine material and creates an original covering, the ideal expressive medium for contemporary architecture. Metaline/Mega surfaces are available in the amazing 160x320, 120x260 cm sizes, all in the slimline thickness of 6 mm. These vast modules with metallic effects enhance the beauty of  interior design schemes by removing the restrictive grid of installation joints.







  • Plate

  • Zinc

  • Steel

  • Corten

  • Iron

Sizes (mm)

Porcelain stoneware 6 mm 1600x3200 - 1200x2800

Porcelain stoneware 9 mm 100x600 - 200x600 - 200x1200 - 300x600 - 600x600 - 600x1200 - 800x800 - 800x1600 - 1200x1200

Porcelain stoneware 12 mm 1600x3200

Porcelain stoneware 20 mm 600x600 - 800x800