The evolution of the material

A pure, perfect and unalterable material, Italstone porcelain stoneware is the advanced synthesis of ceramic technology and culture. It ensures the best technical performance and provides the advantage of extremely high-resolution graphics for an endless range of solutions.

Large slabs for innovative furnishing projects

We are leading producers of technical porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiling, and today we’re taking on a new challenge, offering large ceramic slabs. Belonging to the Italgraniti group, world leader in the ceramics sector, gives us the certainty of offering technical excellence with the advantage of the broadest freedom of expression. Large slabs today represent a natural evolution of the finest porcelain stoneware products, because they connect aesthetics and functionality with a view to the future.


Italstone evolves its range of surfaces to conquer the most demanding and innovative design. Our porcelain tiles represent a natural and safe evolution, they coordinate aesthetics and great flexibility, to adapt to the new spaces dedicated to show-cooking.


The surfaces dedicated to the worktops are coordinated with the super thin 6 mm thick plates. This innovative program allows the coating of doors, drawers, day furniture and furnishing accessories. Italstone gives the space an incredible aesthetic precision, an architectural continuum that sets no design limits.

Unlimited surface plan

No constraints to the creation of exclusive settings, in which space interprets the most sophisticated furnishing trends thanks to the harmony of coordinated floors, walls, worktops and furnishing details.

The collection of surfaces with thicknesses 1.2, 2 and 0.6 cm is designed to offer the possibility of creating environments and accessories in harmony with floors and walls. From the timeless marble, available with natural and lapped surface, to the contemporary feel of cement, for a fashionable, exclusive and refined total look. 


  • Slabs to inspire

    Italstone evolves its range of surfaces to conquer the most demanding and innovative design.

  • The advantages

    Italstone porcelain stoneware slabs represent a natural and safe evolution, they coordinate our aesthetics and great flexibility.

  • Sustainable Excellence

    Attention to and protection of the environment are a daily commitment for us. A commitment that involves every stage of the production cycle.