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Hotel floor coverings

HORECA floor and wall coverings

Porcelain stoneware is a perfect material for the floor and wall coverings of hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants and other accommodation and catering locations. In fact, these contexts demand tough surfaces with high technical characteristics as well, of course, as a seductive, welcoming appearance. Italgraniti porcelain stoneware meets these essential requirements of the HORECA sector: in fact, our broad catalogue contains wide-ranging versatile collections, which provide original interpretations of all the trendiest looks.


Hotels and holiday apartments: floor and wall coverings

When designing hotels, holiday villages, restaurants, spas and wellness centres there is an increasing tendency to opt for large-size floor and wall coverings, a trend that reflects the contemporary design scene’s preference for broad, continuous surfaces, with fewer and narrower grout joints. Italgraniti porcelain stoneware for hotels offers this opportunity with a choice both of various sizes in conventional thickness and, in particular, of thin ceramic slabs. Both types can be installed with minimal joints thanks to their rectified edges.


Floor and wall coverings for spas and wellness centres

Italgraniti porcelain stoneware admirably combines the highest technical standards with the most exclusive design, in collections with the quality, convenience and appearance required for the creation of locations dedicated to people’s wellbeing, bearing in mind that, for hygiene reasons and due to the constant or frequent presence of water, all these locations are strictly regulated. This applies to spas and wellness centres, where design values (with regard to which expectations are generally very high) can never be achieved at the price of hygiene, safety and practicality.


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Porcelain stoneware in the hospitality sector

The hospitality industry has always favoured tiles in porcelain stoneware, a flame retardant, waterproof and extremely tough material - and thus suitable for the floors of even very heavily used interiors. Ceramics have virtually no porosity, thanks to a distinctive production process which gives the material the extraordinary compactness for which it is so highly prized. Since it has no pores, Italgraniti porcelain stoneware does not absorb damp and liquids and does not allow dirt - or bacteria, fungi, moulds and mites - to penetrate beneath its surface. This is why Italgraniti ceramic spa floor coverings and hotel floor coverings are hard-wearing, hygienic and easy to clean and do not require treatments after installation.