The project department division

Mega and Supreme go beyond the concept of traditional ceramic tiling to contribute to the future of architecture with surfaces of extreme versatility, extraordinary technical performance and refined design. An exclusive Italgraniti Group technology that makes it possible to obtain large slabs of porcelain stoneware (up to 160x320 cm) with a thickness of just 6 mm.



Thanks to an in-house specialised team of architects, engineers and sales technicians, we are in a position to offer a design consultancy serviced aimed at providing: 

Design Solutions. Proposed combinations of Italgraniti products based on designs provided or on specifications, through to the designing and rendering of model settings. The viewing of the tiled space acts as support during the presentation to the customer and it helps finalise the job order.

Technical solutions. Identification of solutions devised to solve or anticipate the main issues which may arise on site: bill of quantities, installation suggestions, alternatives to standard laying solutions such as raised floors and ventilated façades, adapting laying patterns to optimise joints and trimmings.



Italgraniti suggests the use of its porcelain slabs, in the various standard and submultiple sizes, as covering elements for ventilated facades. The weight of the system and the effects of wind are the main parameters to be considered when assessing the feasibility of a ventilated facade. These covering systems allow the creation of attractive works both on new buildings and during renovation projects, optimising heat and noise insulation.


Slabs bonded on over‑coat

The target of efficient thermal insulation of buildings must be to ensure that the correct temperature is reached not only in the air but also in the walls, floors and ceilings. The thermal insulation allows to reduce both heating costs and polluting emissions: as a matter of fact, if the buildings are properly insulated they disperse less heat and therefore need less fuel to heat them, reducing the CO2 released in the environment. By insulating the walls from the outside (over-coated thermal insulation), all cold spots are eliminated and the thermal storage capacity of the building is increased. The walls heat up, accumulate heat and then return it to the environment.

Italgraniti slabs can be applied as an external finish, both aesthetically and to protect against the weather agents, of any type of over-coated insulation systems on the market. 


Technical indoor flooring

The Project Department also deals with technical flooring systems for interiors. The staff is able to manage and assist the drafting of projects and their implementation to best meet the needs of the end customer. Discover our technical solutions for interior flooring.


Technical outdoor flooring

Italgraniti porcelain stoneware slabs for outdoor floors are the most performing and technological material, unrivaled in terms of durability, resistance and ease of maintenance. The self-supporting sheets, 20mm thick, can be installed with 5 different installation systems, to always choose the most functional solution.