• Milan flagship store

    The Flagship Store, in the heart of Milan, in the Brera area, has been the subject of a recent restyling by the architects Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano.

  • New furnitures collection

    In the new space of the Flagship Store, some of the new furnishings designed by the art directors Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano were presented in an exclusive preview.

  • new sales portal

    INSIDE is the new web portal dedicated to the Group's sales network.

    Environmental and social sustainability

    We aim to ensure that environmental sustainability is the benchmark for our products and production processes. From design to the purchase of the less impacting raw materials, to the best production technologies with eco-efficient performance, recovery and recycling of production waste, distribution, awareness raising and dialogue with customers.




    Mega goes beyond the concept of traditional ceramic tiling to contribute to the future of architecture with surfaces of extreme versatility, extraordinary technical performance and refined design. An exclusive Italgraniti technology that makes it possible to obtain porcelain stoneware slabs only 6-mm thick, up to 160x320 cm in size.

    Virtual villa