ItalgranitiLIVE: the porcelain stoneware bathroom furnishing that combines convenience with design

Wall-mounted and freestanding washbasins, vanity units, shower trays and matching shelves: the original bathroom furnishings and fittings by Italgraniti are covered with Mega slabs just 6 mm thick, perfect for providing them with a seamless finish. ItalgranitiLIVE is our bathroom furnishing project that uses the outstanding technical and appearance qualities of thin porcelain stoneware to combine design with convenience, for bathrooms in impeccably coordinated style.


From ceramic slab to porcelain stoneware washbasin

ItalgranitiLIVE porcelain stoneware bathroom furnishing furniture and fittings reflect Italgraniti’s tailored approach and an eagerness to embrace contemporary design. Versatile and convenient, the articles in the catalogue enable both total look solutions and sophisticated contrasts of materials. Their sculpted personality confers elegance and prestige on the bathroom; the simple, rational lines highlight the minimal yet effective graphic patterns, which establish links between very different shapes and materials.

Porcelain stoneware shower trays

ItalgranitiLIVE shower trays and other articles are assembled by hand, piece by piece, by craft techniques that demand meticulous care over every detail of the article, which undergoes strict quality control. Every item of bathroom furnishing created in thin porcelain stoneware by Italgraniti is convenient and hard-wearing, practical and hygienic, and delivers unrivalled looks and technical performances.


Bathroom furniture

All the articles in the Impronta catalogue have an elegant, contemporary soul that unites timeless design with the best Italian porcelain stoneware. Shelves and storage units carefully styled in every detail, with stylish lines and tasteful proportions, combine with washbasins and shower trays to create a complete, coherent furnishing system, built on the beauty of ceramics and the quality of Impronta porcelain stoneware.


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    Italgraniti suggests

    The beauty of a material that merges design with technical performances

    ItalgranitiLIVE offers single bathroom furnishing items and real porcelain stoneware vanity units that meet the need for increasingly bespoke living spaces. Their design, created by highly skilled architects, integrates form and matter in an elegant blend of style, comfort and convenience. The porcelain stoneware elements, the wooden parts and the metal structures generate an alternation of solid-fronted and open sections that give ItalgranitiLIVE furniture immaculate aesthetics and clarity of design.