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Bedroom porcelain stoneware

Why choose tiles for your sleeping area

Italgraniti ceramic surfaces include collections with a very large range: colours, sizes, finishes and thicknesses provide practical, durable solutions and creative inputs for giving style and personality to the whole home, including the sleeping area. In terms of design, the surprising textures of the various effects in the catalogue are perfect for covering not only the floor but also the walls of the room dedicated to our relaxation.


Bedroom tiles: lovely, practical and safe

Choosing tiles for your sleeping area enables you to combine comfort, practicality and style. This room, dedicated to relaxation and the most intimate in the home, has to look good, and porcelain stoneware is the ideal choice from this point of view, while fulfilling other needs, too. As well as the beauty of the various effects (wood, stone, marble, concrete and metal), able to create warm, cosy, natural surfaces, porcelain stoneware’s technical performances make the sleeping area a healthy place. In fact, ceramic tiles are a hostile environment for bacteria, fungi, mould and mites, they do not emit harmful substances and are inert, and they do not burn or emit toxic smoke.


Wood effect bedroom porcelain stoneware

People often prefer ceramics for the living area and wood for the sleeping area of their homes. Since it is a natural material, with undeniably relaxing colours, wood may seem to be the only option for giving warmth to the bedroom. However, Italgraniti wood effect porcelain stoneware provides the same visual sensations, with the added benefits of a material that is convenient to install, easy to clean and hard-wearing: a material that does not need any maintenance over time. Our catalogue contains various wood effect collections inspired by the choicest species, offered in colour variants that always respect the natural character of the inspiration woods. This wide choice enables the creation of refined bedrooms in Nordic, classical, modern or minimalist style.


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Ceramic tiles for bedroom floors. And more

We have described the wood effect as conveying the naturalness and authenticity we seek in a sleeping area, sensations that help us to feel at ease in our skins. But to tell the truth, more and more often people are choosing different, although still natural, inspirations, such as stone or marble. And you can also decide to give a bedroom - especially if it forms part of a larger open plan zone - a metropolitan, post-industrial aesthetic, with the aid of the concrete or metal effect.