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Porcelain stoneware for outdoor use

Ceramic tiles 20 mm thick which reinvent outdoor spaces

Porcelain stoneware for outdoor use is tough and functional and always provides design characteristics in line with the latest trends and a large number of accessory technical solutions, essential when designing open air contexts. Constantly chosen by top international design names, our anti-slip tiles 20 mm thick meet all the requirements for the design of outdoor spaces. At the ceramics industry’s technical cutting edge, our 20 mm stoneware guarantees the unbeatable reliability and excellence typical of the best Italian-made products and admirably delivers outstanding technical performances and appearance. 

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Anti-slip tiles for outdoor use

Stylish outdoor surfaces

OPEN is the Italgraniti 20 mm technical porcelain stoneware designed for outdoor pavings. From natural stone look to the attractive wood effect, garden stoneware offers a selection of surfaces of peerless quality for landscape design. Through unrivalled convenience and technical solutions, OPEN guarantees the highest degree of flexibility in use for large public spaces and the most widely varying residential contexts. Conceived for garden design and for all multipurpose outdoor spaces that require outstanding strength and safety, OPEN offers exquisite material inspirations with no applicational limits.

Piastrelle antiscivolo per bordo piscina

Anti-slip tiles for pool edges

OPEN surfaces are designed to meet the demands of any outdoor space: paths, terraces, gardens, driveways, car parks and pool edges. The wide assortment of trim tiles available offers designers and architects a full array of practical, tough, versatile solutions for pool edges, steps, windowsills and garden walls. Meticulous attention to every aesthetic detail and the peerless performances of 20 mm porcelain stoneware provide the landscape design world with a safe, hyper-realistic Italian made surface which also enables any outdoor context to be covered in complete continuity of appearance with the indoor floors.


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    Frostproof tiles for outdoor use

    The convenience, practicality and beauty of self-supporting outdoor ceramics

    DEHORS is the Impronta technical porcelain stoneware for outdoor use. Its exceptional thickness of 2 cm multiplies its strength, making it a monolithic, non-absorbent, self-supporting surface resistant to frost, sunlight, brine and acids. In fact, anti-slip porcelain stoneware for outdoor use is ideal for raised installation, to cover existing pavings or to accommodate utility systems, drains and inspection pits underneath the surface of the paving. DEHORS can also be installed quickly dry (on grass, gravel and sand) or with adhesive on a cement screed, for all areas requiring extreme resistance, such as driveways.


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