Mega and Supreme, the ultra-thin revolution: porcelain stoneware large slabs, only 6 mm thick

Mega and Supreme go beyond the concept of traditional ceramic tiling to contribute to the future of architecture with surfaces of extreme versatility, extraordinary technical performance and refined design. An exclusive Italgraniti Group technology that makes it possible to obtain large slabs of porcelain stoneware (up to 160x320 cm) with a thickness of just 6 mm.


A multifunctional product that goes beyond the concept of traditional ceramics

This innovative technology has a natural vocation for large public spaces while remaining in perfect harmony with domestic settings and more intimate spaces. Mega expands the expressive possibilities of contemporary architecture without setting limits on its intended use, enhancing the large exterior façades with its revolutionary beauty as well as the interior wall and floor coverings, even when overlapped on existing materials. Tables, furnishing, worktops, doors: interior design finds a versatile and expressive creative tool in thin stoneware large slabs.


Safety without compromise

With their majesty, Mega porcelain stoneware slabs express ceramic technology and culture and are the result of the most advanced sintering technologies: they are a compact and safe material that is resistant to stress, wear and foot traffic, to chemicals, mildew, frost and fire. The thickness of only 6 mm makes the slabs flexible, easy to cut, drill and handle. Like all Italgraniti Group porcelain stoneware, the large-sized porcelain stoneware slabs are made only of natural raw materials, do not require paint or protective resins, are non-allergenic and do not release volatile organic compounds (VOC); their surface is highly hygienic because their practically zero porosity does not retain bacteria, dirt, mildew or fungi.


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    The alluring beauty of large sized porcelain stoneware

    Supreme is the ideal solution to meet the growing need for universal wall tiling that do not limit architectural design. The 6/12 mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs are a true architectural skin, ideal for covering floors, interior walls, façades and design surfaces. The alluring marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs with a continuous vein or book matched generate unique designs in constant movement, innovative surfaces that represent the outcome of research always attentive to the balance between the charm of the material and the needs of contemporary architectural space.


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