We aim to ensure that environmental sustainability is the benchmark for our products and production processes. From design to the purchase of the less impacting raw materials, to the best production technologies with eco-efficient performance, recovery and recycling of production waste, distribution, awareness raising and dialogue with customers.


We are committed to reducing environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle. From the supply of raw materials, to improved production technologies, energy efficiency and recovery of materials and energy flows. We adopt the most authoritative green product
and process certifications and comply with the best international standards for Green Building.

Mission and vision


Our brand has always been the benchmark for innovation associated with an outstanding quality of product and service. “Experimentation, the creation and conception of unique new solutions,
to give the market products that are exclusive from every point of view.” These are our management’s aims.
The Italgraniti Group working team is constantly involved in the development and production of materials that stimulate and inspire the demands of those who design livingspaces imprinted with beauty, elegance and extraordinary technology.


  • Production processes

    Our reference objective is to ensure that environmental sustainability is the reference for our products and production processes.

  • Certifications

    We work to develop an environmental management system that focuses on safeguarding the planet and people's health.

  • Our commitment to the community

    We believe that every company must have an active role as a Social Responsibility towards the territory and its community.