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Porcelain stoneware for bathrooms

A convenient, functional design tool

The bathroom is the realm of ceramic tiles. They have always been the most convenient, safest and most aesthetically rich choice for this room of the home. The Italgraniti collections combine beauty, versatility and performance in a design tool that offers a choice of a vast range of effects, reproduced, thanks to our state-of-the-art digital decoration technologies, with great accuracy in both patterning and colours. This immense feeling of authenticity is supported by excellent resistance to the most aggressive detergents, waterproof properties and anti-slip surfaces.


Marble effect stoneware bathrooms

A bathroom covered with marble effect tiles conveys a mood of elegance, naturalness and luxury. Irrespective of style, marble effect porcelain stoneware bathrooms are truly timeless, a blend of past and present, classical and modern, especially if the design scheme is a total look created with large thin slabs. The slab sizes achieved with this technology give the luminosity of Calacatta Gold or the depth of Calacatta Black striking proportions, with a beauty that impresses at a glance.


The benefits of a porcelain stoneware bathroom covering

As well as its amazing impact resistance, porcelain stoneware has virtually no porosity, which makes it waterproof. This is another reason why ceramics have always been the most obvious choice for damp locations such as bathrooms, showers, wellness areas, changing-rooms, spas and pools. Since it is not porous, it does not allow dirt, bacteria, fungi and mould to penetrate beneath the surface, which can always be easily sanitised with standard detergents. The range of finishes we offer includes anti-slip surfaces on a very large number of collections and on all effects. This means that even a bathroom with wood effect porcelain stoneware will be practical and durable, with protection against slipping hazards


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Bathroom porcelain stoneware: some design ideas

Styles change, and so do the way we design and live in the rooms of our homes; the bathroom, like the rest of the home, is claiming its own personality, and has evolved into a room to be furnished in its own right. From this point of view, our ceramic collections offer many fascinating tools. On the one hand we offer decorative tiles to complete a design scheme, and on the other we enable combinations of multiple material looks, such as stone and wood, wood and concrete or marble and concrete.