Stone effect porcelain stoneware

Elegant, plain, almost minimalist, or variegated and irregular, with an unruly temperament: the naturally neutral colour shades of the background of stone effect stoneware are criss-crossed with expressive veining and spotted, streaked or subtly shaded textures, granular intrusions and clumped minerals. The meticulous research Italgraniti has always conducted into the finest natural stones has now produced a wide, beautiful range of stone effect wall tiles and floor coverings: a catalogue of genuinely natural, stylish, seductive looks.

Italgraniti suggests

Stone effect porcelain stoneware for indoor use

Stone has been used in architecture since very ancient times. This may be why, regardless of the type of mineral (slate, quartzite, basalt, limestone ...), stone looks very natural to us, and the impressions it generates are fully attuned to what we expect from the rooms where we live and work every day. Evoking strength, timeless durability and naturalness, Italgraniti stone effect porcelain stoneware incarnates aesthetic and technical values at the service of contemporary architecture: it is suitable for the interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial buildings, as well as for more technical applications. Thanks to its large thin slab versions, stone effect stoneware can also be used to clad worktops and other furnishing surfaces.