Porcelain stoneware kitchen worktops

New applicational frontiers for large size ceramics

Kitchen countertops and worktops are furnishing features with an importance well beyond their function, since they also have an aesthetic role to play. As they contribute to the character of one of the most heavily used rooms in the home, they must combine beauty, versatility and practicality, and today this has been made easy by Italgraniti Group’s porcelain stoneware large slabs. The extra large surface gives worktops (including sinks) an unprecedented area. The ceramic material’s intrinsic technical quality is irrespective of the thicknesses available (12 mm or 6 mm), which however guarantee the utmost applicational freedom.


Stoneware kitchen worktops: Perfect synergy of style and convenience

Italstone slabs are Italgraniti Group’s most state-of-the-art synthesis of ceramic technology and culture. In the massive 160x320 cm size with versatility ensured by the two thicknesses (12 mm and 6 mm), Italstone slabs guarantee the best technical performances and offer exceptionally high definition graphics for all contemporary interior design’s trendiest looks. The vast range of possible applications makes Italstone large slabs a surface always able to meet the needs of any home design project.


Monolithic elegance and durability over time

Kitchen worktops, backsplashes, shelves and peninsula tables are matched by a marble effect, creating a style of monolithic elegance, vibrant with natural impressions. What’s more, the porcelain stoneware of the large slabs produced by Italgraniti Group is non-absorbent and resistant to stains, acids, frost and high temperatures such as those of pans just removed from the heat. Suitable for contact with food, a porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop is easily sanitised and retains the beauty of its colours and graphic textures unchanged over time.


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    6 mm and 12 mm: two thicknesses that multiply Mega’s potentials

    Thanks to the 6 mm thickness, On-Top allows the easy cladding not only of horizontal and vertical surfaces but also of unit doors, drawers, room doors and entire design schemes, with the added benefit of a choice from a very wide range of extraordinarily realistic effects, from marble (including glossy) to stone and from concrete to metal. However, On-Top also offers slabs 12 mm thick, ideal for worktops, an option which completes and reinforces the Mega project, making it the fullest, most versatile interior design resource.