Black porcelain stoneware

Many Italgraniti collections range in colour to the darker end of the spectrum. Black stoneware surfaces immediately express elegance, refinement and sophistication. The result of a precise taste, based on a clearly defined style, the choice of black is often independent of any texture. All the products in our catalogue that can be labelled as "black" interpret this colour in many different shades, always consistent with the spirit of their collection.

Italgraniti suggests

When the floor grabs the spotlight

Black should be regarded as a special colour, because it has different - even opposite - meanings in different cultures and ages. Either you love it or you hate it, perhaps because you mistakenly think it is too difficult to use plausibly in everyday places. If white brings light, black is identified as no light but, thanks to its use in fashion, it has become synonymous with elegance, an equation that is also true when we talk about the surfaces that cover the places we live, stay or work in. A floor in porcelain stoneware with black marble effect, for example, expresses sophistication, character, mystery, luxury. 

When we talk about black stoneware it goes without saying that we mean a wide range of chromatic tones that are anything but compact (from slate to pure black, lead and anthracite), animated and varied by very different graphic textures (wood, stone, cement or metal effect); not to mention the veins which are naturally in sharp chromatic contrast, in the case of marbles such as Nero Marquina or Calacatta Black.