Marble-look porcelain stoneware

The Italgraniti Group marble-effect tiles bring back all the timeless charm of the world's most appreciated marbles. Characterised by a striking fidelity to the natural pattern, our marble-effect floor and wall tiles boast unique strength and versatility, making them suitable for every room in the house and for a large number of commercial contexts.


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Marble-effect tiles: pure beauty that challenges time

Marble arouses admiration for the limitless creativity that nature continues to demonstrate and has always been considered a noble material, synonymous with elegance and refinement. The Italgraniti Group marble-effect porcelain stoneware gives us back, in a sustainable and technically unexceptionable material, the extraordinary graphic variety, the pure beauty of the shades and the unlimited veining of the stones used as a reference. The catalogue collections offer a wide range of textures and a rich colour palette that is constantly expanding.