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We cooperate with technology centres and major partners for the joint development of highly efficient technical floor tiling solutions. From floating surfaces to self-installing systems, Italgraniti slabs represent a flexible and functional solution that can likewise be used in private premises.


Raised floor

A raised floor is a flooring system consisting of modular elements resting on but not fixed to a supporting structure. This type of floor allows the creation of a cavity that can be used for wiring and other utility systems underneath the surface.



Floating floors, also called raised floors, are flooring systems, particularly suitable in work environments characterized by a large number of systems, which involve the use of a walking surface raised from the screed of the floor by means of metal or plastic structures depending on the application whether it is indoors or outdoors.



The dry self-laying system does not require the use of adhesives and putties and allows you to cover an existing floor quickly, avoiding all the costs associated with the demolition of the pre-existing floor. This system is composed of Italgraniti sheets in 9 mm which are assembled with a panel of a special rubber loaded with fibers and edging in plastic material that allows the perfect match between the sheets. The special rubber used for the lower finish blocks the slabs on the existing floor preventing them from moving, making the floor immediately walkable.

The Project Department technicians will be able to direct you to the most suitable system for your specific need.
Contact us to receive technical support or to request a quotation.

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