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Living area porcelain stoneware

Style and personality for the heart of the home

The living zone contains the rooms of the home where we entertain and share food with people. They are the heart of the home and the core of its entire design scheme, and the choice of materials, colours and furniture is fundamental, because they will define its spirit. For every material effect, the Italgraniti porcelain stoneware collections offer a wide assortment of versatile design solutions: appropriately combined, sizes, shades, finishes, thicknesses and decors are powerful stylistic tools throughout the living area.


Living room floor tiles: style and practicality

An increasingly flexible location, both official and intimate, the living room needs a flooring that combines aesthetic and practical demands. Choosing Italgraniti porcelain stoneware gives access to a wide range of looks able to re-create the most elegant stones, the rarest marbles, the warmest woods and daring looks such as metal and concrete, and the complex set of responses they inspire in us, with astonishing realism. As well as enabling the creation of your favourite style, living room tiles in porcelain stoneware offer a convenient, hard-wearing, easy-clean, hygienic surface.


Living room wall tiles

As elsewhere, the latest interior design trends offer countless examples of the use of porcelain stoneware on walls. A marble effect, for example, will bestow elegance and character on large surfaces which would otherwise look bare. Thanks to the number of sizes available in the catalogue, these walls can be given identity using medium and large-sized tiles, up to thin extra-large slabs: striking, continuous surfaces from floor to ceiling, real interior design solutions. The decors, mosaics and three-dimensional surfaces, with a delicate interplay of light and shade to give walls variety and depth, are also extremely attractive.


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Lounge porcelain stoneware: infinite design possibilities

The crossroads between all the other rooms of the home, the lounge is also the place for welcoming relatives and friends: a kind of showcase of the residents’ taste and personality. Living room tiles for the floor and walls are inevitably a central feature in the interior design project. Access to a catalogue with many collections offering a wealth of colours, sizes, finishes and thicknesses is thus fundamental, while the freedom to use an array of hyper-realistic and detailed material effects that can easily be combined together and a shade assortment kept constantly up to date is priceless.