Wood-effect porcelain stoneware

One of the trendiest looks, the wood effect creates warm and cosy, elegant and natural rooms. It is suitable for floor and wall tiles in all domestic and commercial settings: wood-effect stoneware can be used in a wide range of styles and harmonises with many other materials in both interior design and outdoor living projects. Each collection of wood-effect ceramics in our catalogue is a unique, seductive and technically flawless interpretation of a look that is increasingly popular with planners and designers.

Italgraniti suggests

Wood-effect tiles also for outdoors

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles by Italgraniti are a successful combination of the warmth and naturalness of ceramic tiles with a refined design and the performance of cutting-edge technology. Choosing them helps to create cosy, elegant and functional settings, whatever the context of use. Whether for the home or a public place, our wood-effect porcelain stoneware enhances trendy styles, from classic to modern, from Scandinavian to vintage and natural chic, spontaneously combining with stone, concrete and even metal effects. This is thanks to the wide range of colours, sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes available.