Grey porcelain stoneware

Tasteful and versatile, grey stoneware is ideal for designing contemporary, trendy locations. Available in many of the vast number of effects in the Italgraniti catalogue, this colour has the potential for creating colour-neutral surfaces with unique, distinctive patterning. Enabling a very large range of combinations, grey porcelain stoneware is an ever-popular design tool for every part of the home and for indoor and outdoor commercial locations, not forgetting terraces, gardens and swimming-pools.

Italgraniti suggests

Grey stoneware: elegance and versatility

Grey may mean many things: in fact, between black and white there are infinite shades of a colour known for its elegance, rigour and emotional neutrality. No other colour offers such a wide spectrum of shades as grey. This is due to the never-ending success of grey stoneware floors, which has led to sophisticated hybrids, such as with beige (giving us the very popular greige, or grey with a touch of beige) or those in which grey becomes bluish, for colder, more Nordic shades, found above all in stone looks.