MEGA is the new Italgraniti project in the innovative 160x320 and 260x120 cm size, 6 mm thick.

The surprising charm of some of the most sought-after marble textures meets the endless suggestions of colour. Eleven ceramic marbles, unique for the scenic sumptuousness of their mineral spirals and stylish shades of colour.

With Charm Experience, Italgraniti embraces a generous eleven sumptuous and scenic ceramic marbles, not just thanks to their elegant textures and refined colours, but also due to the impressive dimensions achieved by the Mega version porcelain stoneware slabs.

Research that spanned all five continents generated a selection of marbles that can be recognised thanks to their clear dominant colour. The impeccable aesthetic sensitivity that has always distinguished Italgraniti, combined with painstaking care for details and a production process supported by state-of-the-art technologies, have given rise to ceramic marbles which are astoundingly realistic, playing the starring role in domestic surroundings owing to the sense of authenticity they convey and their decorative calling.