Stone Plan

Stone Plan

Stone Plan is a harmonious material, a design surface that preserves the unquestionable qualities of the most beautiful and resistant porcelain stoneware.

Stone Plan is the stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection with a thousand aspects and a thousand solutions. Warm-cold, light-dark shades that offer an infinite variety of possibilities, for both indoor and outdoor environments. The thick slabs for external cladding and flooring, in the exclusive 40x120 cm size, are available in three colors in the range.

Stone Plan stone effect porcelain stoneware surfaces represent the perfect result: they are natural and harmonious like stone and create continuity between indoor and outdoor environments. They are also highly functional surfaces: easy to clean and not afraid of wear.


Lavagna grigia

Luserna grigia

Vals bianca

  • Lavagna grigia

  • Luserna grigia

  • Vals bianca

Sizes (mm)

Porcelain stoneware 20 mm 400x1200