Beige porcelain stoneware

It warms and illuminates, invites and welcomes: beige is a subtle, neutral colour, easy to mix and match, that inspires a mood of relaxation. Italgraniti has many products that reach well beyond the standard, perhaps rather banal beige wood look porcelain stoneware and interpret this colour’s countless different shades. Stone, concrete, resin and even metal: explore our catalogue of beige tiles to discover effects rich in design potentials. 

Italgraniti suggests

Beige tiles: a colour suitable for any location

In nature, beige is the colour of some stones widely used in architecture, and also of choice varieties of marble. Even when it is a mere colour variant of a texture which originated with a different colour, beige is pleasing to our eyes, welcomed as a neutral, natural shade we like to have around us: an emotionally reassuring colour that will fit in anywhere.

It is the perfect colour for anyone seeking a familiar, traditional style, and for lovers of warm, soft shades. With the variety of effects in the Italgraniti catalogue, this hue can be used in very different ways, giving it the right character to blend into any interior design style.