Cement-effect porcelain stoneware

The cement-effect stoneware by Italgraniti is enjoying growing success, thanks to the increased dimensions of the sizes that our technologies allow us, both in traditional and reduced thickness. Cement-effect ceramics is appreciated for its neutral, textured colours that are easy to match and matt, soft or more structured surfaces. The appeal is mainly in the reference to living styles more closely linked to the metropolitan imagination, but also in the essentiality and neutrality of a material, the symbol of the modern world. 

Italgraniti suggests

Cement-effect tiles: which is the right texture?

Cement can be considered as an aesthetic category in its own right within the world of interior design. A material with a typically architectural vocation, cement has characterised the XX century, coming to shape a certain taste in interior design as well, made up of a fascination for the unfinished, for the raw appearance of materials and for their recovery. 

Cement-effect porcelain stoneware cleanses the space of all frills, imbuing it with an intense textural perception and restoring essentiality to the composition, complete freedom to imagine the most diverse combinations. Thanks to cement-effect stoneware floor and wall tiles by Italgraniti, both residential and commercial premises return to a sort of decorative grade zero, from which unique, ultra-modern indoor and outdoor contexts can be created.