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Italgraniti Group has been on the market since 1975 with Impronta Ceramiche and since 1994 with Italgraniti. We are undisputed leader in the ceramics industry form ore than twenty years because our history is made of innovation, research and passion.

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Impronta Ceramiche

Impronta has the oldest history and has always been a reference for porcelain stoneware floors and white-body wall tiles, created for residential and commercial spaces. The result is a complete range of high quality products, not only able to meet the demands of market trends but often able to anticipate them.

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Made in Italy

A great ceramic culture is at the base of our success. To architects, designers, interior designers, those who seek the widest freedom of expression we offer the certainty of coordinated projects and innovative surfaces. For those seeking technical excellence we offer the aesthetic perfection of Made in Italy, to interpret, with style, the spaces of the future.