The new Real Up technology

Italgraniti Group has perfected a digital technology that opens a new production chapter for the Italian ceramic industry.

With RealUp® the realism of porcelain stoneware surfaces takes a real evolutionary leap, thanks to the perfect alignment of the four-colour graphics and the textural structure, both in very high definition.

RealUp® combines the action of two digital decorating machines that enrich the pressed body with three-dimensionality; perfectly consistent graphic textures are then applied onto the same body. In this way, colour data and texture data coincide without any margin for error, giving the ceramic surface an unprecedented material richness.

With RealUp®, design and three-dimensionality achieve an unprecedented synergy: the overall design of the ceramic surface achieves a unique depth and level of detail. In addition, it releases from the repetitiveness that any serial production process implies. Thanks to this innovative digital technology, Italgraniti Group's porcelain stoneware walls, indoor and outdoor floors and worktops communicate a sense of authenticity to the eye and touch that has never been experienced before.

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Italgraniti Group is a B Corp!

ITALGRANITI GROUP has successfully completed the process required to obtain B Corp certification

Italgraniti Group publishes the sustainability report 2021

The first edition of the document with which the Group will report every year to its stakeholders on its economic, social and environmental performance.