StrideUp - the new revolutionary technology

StrideUp®: the new technology by Italgraniti.

Practical, safe and designed with style are the key elements for describing ideal flooring. StrideUp®, a new technology conceived by Italgraniti Group, identifies a superb combination of excellent skid resistance and a soft-touch surface, a veritable technological revolution for contemporary spaces.

Thanks to detailed studies and newly-engineered materials, Italgraniti Group has perfected StrideUp®, an innovative surface that enhances the potential of porcelain stoneware. With StrideUp®, stoneware maintains its renowned characteristics of resistance to wear, abrasion resistance and bending strength, while also gaining performance and quality standards that boost its application possibilities and make it a high-performance innovative product that can be used in numerous settings.

Innovative technology, numerous advantages.

  • StrideUp® guarantees a high coefficient of dynamic friction, ideal for flooring areas with heavy foot traffic and particular requirements in terms of high skid resistance -  hotels, spas, public buildings, hospitality -.
  • StrideUp® has a soft-touch surface which is therefore easy to clean and sanitise, and is also a great solution for maintaining a flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, with continuity that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely versatile.
  • StrideUp® : intended use of an unprecedented technology.

Soft-touch surface, easy cleaning and skid resistance: a trio of characteristics that make StrideUp® the solution to multiple requirements. Furthermore, StrideUp® fully complies with the friction values set by the most stringent regulations in the world, thus qualifying as an excellent choice for architects and designers for finishing projects that are required to satisfy high standards in terms of safety and functionality.

At a time when the relationship between indoors and outdoors is paramount in the design of large architectural spaces, the aesthetic continuity offered by the use of the new technology StrideUp® is incomparable: a safe solution, designed with style.




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