Systems with visible anchoring

The system is composed of suitable anchors based on the existing masonry, the brackets, uprights on which the paintable stainless steel plates that will support the finishing slabs will be mechanically fixed by means of screws or rivets. The entire system is not affected by atmospheric agents and thanks to the use of aluminum it is not very "burdensome" on the existing masonry. The clips may be of a similar color to the facing slabs.
All the slabs available in the Italgraniti catalog can be used and it is suitable for both new constructions and renovations.


System components

  • "W-omega" section uprights (with the possibility of black painting)
  • "U" section anchoring brackets
  • Anchor plugs suitable for the support
  • Normalized rivets for fixing the uprights to the brackets
  • Normalized rivets for fixing the clips to the uprights
  • Colored AISI 316 stainless steel clips
  • 4/8 mm spacers
  • Anti-vibration seals

30x60, 60x60, 40x80, 80x80, 20x120, 120x120, 60x120