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Italgraniti Group has always been committed to safeguarding environmental resources, protecting workers in terms of health, safety and environment. Italgraniti Group is committed to doing its part to protect our environmental resources: all production and industrial decisions are made in full compliance with the criteria for an ecologically sustainable system.

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Environment & Certifications

Our company, in particular, has taken care of the consumption of energy and natural resources, the production of atmospheric emissions, of noise pollution and industrial water discharges.
Italgraniti Group works in compliance with the environmental requirements for EMAS-ISO 14001 certification, which it has had for over 10 years. European EMAS certification involves evaluating the impact that production sites have on the environment and ensuring that it is limited. It features an environmental management system based on strict parameters:

Water consumption
Water consumption

100% saving on water consumption

Gas emission
Gas emission

Low Gas emission in the atmosphere

Packaging recycling
Packaging recycling

100% recycling of packaging

Noise pollution
Noise pollution

Monitoring on noise pollution

Energy consumption
Energy consumption

Saving on energy consumption

Industrial waste
Industrial waste

99% recycling of industrial waste

Pallets recycling
Pallets recycling

100% recycling of pallets

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Quality Management System - UNI ISO 9001

The decision to certify its Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI ISO 9001:2015 "Quality Management Systems" standard was inspired by the need to demonstrate its ability to regularly supply products or services that meet and ensure the compliance with customer requests and applicable mandatory requirements and the desire to increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including the processes for improving the system itself.

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High Quality & Made In Italy

Italgraniti Group is proud to offer the world’s markets materials that fully express the aesthetic culture and stylistic and technical excellence of italian-made products, in their fine design, their assortment of colours and decorations, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies and raw materials.

Italgraniti Group supports all the values promoted by Confindustra Ceramica industry association code of ethics, from 100% italian production to social and environmental responsibility.

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People = Resources

Italgraniti Group is constantly committed to maintain quality: starting from the company team up to the Italian and international partners, the group is constantly enriched by highly specialised staff who, through research and training, enhance their value.

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Employees Safety - UNI ISO 45001

The safety of its employees is a crucial priority for Italgraniti Group: evidenced by the continuous commitment aimed at improving and updating in matters of health and protection.

Improving behavior and enhancing company culture in the areas of health and safety is a constant goal of the company.

The attainment of UNI ISO 45001 certification strengthens a business culture that sees safety not simply as a question of regulatory compliance, but as an essential part of working processes.



  • Wide entrepreneurial and management experience.
  • Highly skilled, professional human resources.
  • Intimate knowledge of market requirements.
  • Continuous promotion of customer satisfaction.
  • Deep-seated international policy orientation.
  • Constant product R&D.
  • Cutting-edge production facilities.